Nama Pengguna

Kata Laluan



Can I bring out the library materials without a Library ID card?

Ans: No, a consumer should bring a Library ID when dealing any business at a service counter.


I’ve lost my ID card, how am I going to replace it?

Ans: To make a new ID card, a consumer should show his identity card or passport.


How many library items can be borrowed at a time?

Ans: At this time, each consumer can borrow 5 library items at a time. The items should be returned on or before the due date.


Can I extend the loan period for the borrowed item by making a call through a telephone?

Ans: No, the item should be brought to the library for extension of loan period.


Can I borrow media items?

Ans: No, all media items may be viewed or listened only in the library. Media items cannot be brought out from the library.


I have borrowed a book from a branch of Language and Literature Bureau Library, can I return it to another branch of the Language and Literature Bureau Library?

Ans: The Language and Literature Bureau has libraries in all districts, and its branches. Books that are borrowed from other branch may be returned to any branches of the libraries.