Nama Pengguna

Kata Laluan


  • Consumers are not allowed to bring in thing that may cause disturbance to library services or other consumers.
  • The library will not responsible for any lost and damaged of personal belongings left outside and inside the library.
  • It is an offence to damage or destroy any properties of the library.
  • Silence should be practiced in library.
  • Consumers are not allowed to sleep or lay down on chairs, tables or floors in the library.
  • Consumers are not allowed to eat, drink, smoke, ignite fires or spitting in the library.
  • Consumers should wear smart and clean clothings.
  • Consumers are not allowed to sell and buy in the library or its surrounding.
  • Library officers and staff may forbid any consumers to enter a library, and may direct the consumers to leave due to disturbance caused.
  • Items in the Reference and Information Collection, and in the Bruneiana  Collection are for reference purposes only.
  • Consumers are deemed to be responsible on any items they borrowed until the items are returned


  1. If a consumer wishes to borrow items/books from the Language and Literature Bureau Libraries, he  should register as a LIBRARY MEMBER.
  2. Any interested consumer may obtain a membership form from the Language and Literature Bureau Libraries. This form should be filled in completely.
  3. Applicant who is a non-citizen, he must submit a  library membership form with an enclosed COPY of Identity Card or Birth Certificate and a COPY of his GUARANTOR’S Identity Card.
  4. Applicant who is a Brunei citizen, he must submit a library membership form with an enclosed COPY of Identity Card or Birth Certificate.
  5. Each applicant will automatically become a MEMBER of the Library. Each  member will be given ONE ID CARD as a pass to borrow and return library items.
  6. Members should bring along their ID CARD for borrowing and returning the items.
  7. Only ID CARD holder is allowed to borrow. Using other’s ID CARD is not allowed.
  8. Parents who wish to borrow library items for their children should bring along their children’s ID CARD..
  9. Children are only allowed to borrow items under the CHILDREN’S BOOKS sections, and should use their own ID CARD.
  10. Youth and Adults are allowed to borrow items under the YOUTH and ADULT BOOKS, but are not allowed to borrow children’s books.
  11. Each member may borrow a maximum of 5 books at a time.
  12. If a member borrow a maximum of 5 books at the Central Library (BSB), no lending of additional items would be given to the member at any library branches. If a member wants to borrow items form other library branches, the borrowed items must be returned first.
  13. The period of borrowing items is 2 weeks. Failure to comply to this, a reminder will be given.
  14. For any members who had booked any library books, they should obtained the items not later than 2 weeks from the booking date. Failure to do this, resulting to a cancellation of the booking. If they wish to cancel a booking, a member should inform the cancellation through a phone call or see the counter services.
  15. A library consumer/member should comply all the rules set by the library.
  16. The librarian has the rights to expel any suspicious consumers/members from the library.